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Recent Presentations:

  • Minow, N.; Wood, C. and Cook, J. (2017).  Emerging Issues in Pension Fund Governance. Panel at the 2017 Public Funds Forum, San Diego. 3 October 2017.
  • Angrist, N.; Seldin, A.; Chauvin, J. and Cook, J. (2017). Voices from the Rhodes Entrepreneur Community: Standing Up For the World. Panel at the Rhodes Venture Forum, Oxford. 18 June 2017.
  • Cook, J. (2015). Mapping Material Climate Risk in SEC Disclosures. Navigating the Materiality Maze: A Survey of the Full Spectrum of Materiality Definitions and Approaches. Sustainable Brands New Metrics ’15 Conference, Boston. 6 October 2015.
  • Faria, P. and Cook, J. (2013). Can XBRL Tagging Improve Climate Risk Disclosure in SEC Filings? 26th XBRL International Conference, Dublin. 18 April 2013.

Academic Publications:

  • Neville, K.; Cook, J.; Weinthal, E.; Bakka, J. and Bakker, K. (2018). Can shareholder advocacy shape global energy governance? The case of the US anti-fracking movement.  Review of International Political Economy, Forthcoming.
  • Cook, J. (2012), Political Action through Environmental Shareholder Resolution Filing: Applicability to Canadian Oil Sands?, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Vol 2(1), pp. 26-43
  • Miller, A. and Cook, J. (2007), Stock exchange mergers leading to convergence in corporate governance practices, Executive, Magazine of the Egyptian Institute of Directors, Sept.-Dec., pp. 42-43
  • Monks, R.; Miller, A. and Cook, J. (2004), Shareholder activism on environmental issues: a study of proposals at large US corporations (2000-2003), Natural Resources Forum, Vol 28(2), pp. 317-330
  • J. Cook, S. Deakin, J. Mitchie and D. Nash (2003), Trust Rewards: Realising the Mutual Advantage. Mutuo, London.
  • Cook, J; Deakin, S. and Hughes, A. (2002), Mutuality and Corporate Governance: The Evolution of UK Building Societies following Deregulation, Journal of Corporate Law Studies Vol. 2(1).
  • Cook, J. (2000), Governance in the ‘New Economy’, International Corporate Governance, May, Issue 91, pp.14-15.
  • Cook, J. & Simbayi, L.C. (1998), The effects of gender and sex role identity on occupational sex role stereotypes held by white South African high school pupils, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol.53 (2), pp.274-280.
  • Hirst, M.; Cook, J. & Kahn, M. (1996), Shades, witches and somatisation in the Narratives of Illness and Distress among the Cape Nguni in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, Curare Journal for Ethnomedicine, Vol. 19 (2), pp. 255-82.

Industry Reports (where authored or research provided):