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This year saw a record high in mutual fund support for climate-related resolutions tracked by Ceres (Mutual fund companies show record high support for climate change shareholder resolutions). Voting records show that mutual funds voted favourably 29% of the time in the 2013 proxy season, an all-time high for the annual survey conducted by Ceres […more…]

In a move that paves the way for a closer link between climate-related performance and investment decision making, the UK government has announced that it will require large public companies to disclose in their annual reports their greenhouse gas emissions. This will affect approximately 1,600 large companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and will […more…]

As universal owners with some 35% of US$11.8 trillion in assets under management invested in domestic stocks, mutual funds have both the rationale and power to move the corporate and legislative agenda on climate change in the US. Yet, their proxy voting guidelines remain mostly silent on specific environmental issues, including climate change. In a […more…]

The US Mutual Fund industry is the largest in the world, with $11.8 trillion in assets under management. Around 35% of this is invested in domestic stocks (see: “Investment Company Institute 2011 Factbook, 51st Edition“). U.S. Mutual fund voting data shows that, on average, the largest of the mutual fund complexes held stocks in around […more…]

The year 2010 tied with 2005 for the hottest year on record, globally. In 2010 CO2 levels reached a record high. Rising waters threatened coastlines and rendered properties in some parts of the world uninsurable. In less than a year Australia recorded its driest ever month, June 2010, and its costliest-ever flooding, in January 2011. […more…]

 Fund Votes research shows that SRI firms agree on what is to be done to improve the executive compensation.  Almost without exception, six SRI investment firms (including Domini, Calvert, Citizens, Parnassus, MMI Praxis and Walden) voted exactly alike on shareholder resolutions addressing various aspects of executive compensation in 2008 (blue bars on graph).   By comparison, mainstream mutual funds […more…]

  A new Research Brief from Fund Votes finds that 8 out of the 9 financial firms named in the US government bailout plan had been targeted by shareholder activists with a ‘say-on-pay’ resolution in 2008.   A number of major mutual fund families failed to support those initiatives and actually voted overwhelmingly against increasing oversight […more…]