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Corporate Social Responsibility

CookESG recently reviewed five hundred and two shareholder-sponsored resolutions voted during the 2013 U.S. proxy season (July 2012 to June 2013).1 Two-thirds are governance-related: board practices, executive pay, director elections, shareholder rights and shareholder value.  These averaged 41% support, slightly down on the 10-year high of 45% in 2009. One-third address social and environmental issues […more…]

The US Mutual Fund industry is the largest in the world, with $11.8 trillion in assets under management. Around 35% of this is invested in domestic stocks (see: “Investment Company Institute 2011 Factbook, 51st Edition“). U.S. Mutual fund voting data shows that, on average, the largest of the mutual fund complexes held stocks in around […more…]

This year's Proxy Preview was published by As You Sow Foundation, the Sustainable Investment Institute (Si2) and Proxy Impact today.   Authors Heidi Walsh and Michael Passoff provide a detailed picture of the upcoming proxy season, tracing trends in shareholder resolution filing, proxy voting and engagement activities.   Some of the biggest issues that they identify for this […more…]

The year 2010 tied with 2005 for the hottest year on record, globally. In 2010 CO2 levels reached a record high. Rising waters threatened coastlines and rendered properties in some parts of the world uninsurable. In less than a year Australia recorded its driest ever month, June 2010, and its costliest-ever flooding, in January 2011. […more…]

1.6 million mutual fund votes analyzed from disclosures made by 31 August 2008 40 mutual fund families profiled on 2008 votes 600,000 votes on shareholder-sponsored resolutions over 5 years broken down into categories 10.5 million US mutual fund proxy voting records analyzed over five years Average support for management resolutions at 90%, stable over 5 […more…]

In the first summary of how mutual funds voted in 2007, compares 54 large funds. Funds’ votes on management- and shareholder-sponsored resolutions are tallied and funds are ranked on their ‘activism’ in these two areas. Drawing on a database of over 7.5 million voting decisions, funds’ 2007 voting records were compared with previous years […more…]

Shareholder support for Global Warming shareholder resolutions has been creeping up over the past three years. In 2006 a climate change resolution achieved a record 39% support by shareholders. This was put forward by the Nathan Cummings Foundation at Standards Pacific Corporation. A recent article by Bill Baue of SocialFunds entitiled Mutual Funds Inch Toward […more…]