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CookESG recently reviewed five hundred and two shareholder-sponsored resolutions voted during the 2013 U.S. proxy season (July 2012 to June 2013).1 Two-thirds are governance-related: board practices, executive pay, director elections, shareholder rights and shareholder value.  These averaged 41% support, slightly down on the 10-year high of 45% in 2009. One-third address social and environmental issues […more…]

In a move that paves the way for a closer link between climate-related performance and investment decision making, the UK government has announced that it will require large public companies to disclose in their annual reports their greenhouse gas emissions. This will affect approximately 1,600 large companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and will […more…]

At least 49 resolutions calling for a majority vote threshold to be applied to director elections have been published in US public company proxies already this year (up to 31 March 2006). Of these, 12 are repeat resolutions which last year earned anywhere from 30 percent support (Paccar Inc) to 58 percent support (Raytheon Co). […more…]

Two recent developments suggest a greater commitment by the SEC to transparency via electronic reporting. All public companies in the US are required to file the bulk of their public reports in electronic format. The repository of these documents (known as EDGAR – Electronic Data Gathering and Reporting) is made publicly available via the SEC’s […more…]