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Notice: International Boreal Day of Action

“Kimberly-Clark, stop turning ancient forests into tissue paper.”

Dscn0545November the 3rd is International Boreal Day of Action. On Thursday this week concerned citizens around the world are asking Kimberly-Clark, their governments and other corporations to stop destroying our great northern forest – the North American Boreal forest, which “stretches from Alaska in the west to the eastern provinces of Canada and is the largest tract of ancient forest left in North America. Representing 25 per cent of the world’s remaining ancient forests, the Boreal forest is a globally significant forest.”

See dedicated Greenpeace website for more information. Check out the video. Read the report “Kimberly-Clark: Investing in Forest Destruction”.

Sign up for an event in your area.

Send an email to the CEO, Thomas J. Falk, and senior executives of Kimberly Clark.

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